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24 June 2011 @ 06:55 pm
Yay for Procrastination!  
I am in fact procrastinating from playing the Druff legacy, because... I don't know why. Maybe because I'm not too excited to teach babies things all over again... But the next chapter is coming soon. I just had a bit of fun creating other Sims.
Oh, and bare with me, friends, I know I have probably spammed your f/list with my reposting stuffs and I'm sorry, just ignore them! Thanks! :)

My Sims pictures are kind of odd, and ugly. A for Effort? No? Okay. ;)

ANYWAYS! Here they are

Welcome back, Pablo La Rue!

Made him based on his Sims 2 self. The second son to my founder, Domonic La Rue for Sims 2, remember that?! Maybe not, but I sure missed him. He took on Generation 2 in my legacy and he was a Warlock and completely evil. Married his college boyfriend and had 2 girls named Charlie and Jesse thanks to mPreg. Please enjoy him in your game, his fate is in your hands now. :) I spent days, yes, DAYS, working on my Pablo. Finally happy with him, I wanted to share him with you. He of course was the supposed heir Generation 2 and then my Sims/Video Card/Computer broke before I could share his daughters Generation. I'm sure I have the family on a disk somehere... Anyways.
Traits: Evil, Eccentric, Snob, Athletic, Brave
Likes: Goopy Garbonara, Classical Music, White
The Exchange || .sim file

Zahi St. Claire

This Sim was inspired by the series of books I'm reading now, called Daughters of the Moon by Lynne Ewing. She is very detailed when Zahi's appearance is explained and this is what my imagination made him out to be; tall dark and very handsome. Zahi's last name is never mentioned in the book, so I pulled St. Claire outta nowhere... Some of his traits are inspired from the book, some of them just came to me so I honestly don't mind if you change them up a bit or his appearance. Enjoy!
Traits: Flirty, Great Kisser, Disciplined, Vegetarian, Green Thumb
Likes: Falafel, Electronica, Spice Brown
The Exchange || .sim file

Logan Lee

I felt it was time to have a hot Asian with long hair in my game, 'cause I may or may not have a rl thing for them. unf. So Logan came into my life, and needless to say, I am pretty much in love. His eyes are a deep shade of purple, and has blue highlights/midtones in his hair. I don't have any restrictions for any of these sims, change their looks and names as you like!
Enjoy! I certainly do! ;)
Traits: Brave, Schmoozer, Eco Friendly, Savvy Sculptor, Artistic
Likes: Fish and Chips, Classical Music, Lime
The Exchange || .sim file

Ryan Lee

Ryan is an exact Twin from his brother Logan in looks besides tattoos and personality. He basically exists because I thought Logan was way hot, and needed another one. ;) Again, I won't mind if you change his name/looks/traits/faves/etc.
Traits: Artistic, Clumsy, Commitment Issues, Photographer's Eye, Vegetarian
Likes: Veggie Burgers, Pop Pop Pop Music, Red
The Exchange || .sim File

Serena Lee

Serena is the younger sister of Logan and Ryan. I tried making her a teen, but it wouldn't let me put her relationship as sister to either of her bothers. Shucks. I put her in YA form anyways. I'm not too happy with the name I gave her and would not be hurt at all if you changed it. The same goes for her looks and Traits and Favs.
Traits: Clumsy, Natural Cook, Artistic, Dramatic, Excitable
Likes: Sushi, Indie Music, Lilac
The Exchange || .sim file

Alfyinel Stanton

I wanted some aliens and fantasy creatures in my game, and thus, Alfyinel Stanton came to being when I downloaded ear sliders from MTS (which is currently down so I will post the link asap) and these contacts. I don't know what his name means, if it does mean anything, I literally got it from one of the many CAPTCHA questions I've answered. So it won't offend me one bit if you change his name/face/etc.
Traits: Shy, Charismatic, Computer Whiz, Adventurous, Light Sleeper
Likes: Autum Salad, French Music, Orange
The Exchange || .sim file

I use jillrp's Default Eyes and Navetsea's Default skintones from MTS

If you have any questions about CC, please give me time to find them exactly because I am very unorganized with my downloads. Know that I get most of the CC from the Booty.
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
My Strength Will Make You Cry: Liz/Jack-OTPclaudiasharon on June 25th, 2011 03:03 am (UTC)
Where are Pablo La Rue's shorts from?
makebelievesimsmakebelievesims on June 25th, 2011 03:38 am (UTC)
I got them here from TSR
My Strength Will Make You Cryclaudiasharon on June 25th, 2011 06:22 am (UTC)
Thanks. Your sims are very nice too. :)
makebelievesims: Dan Druffmakebelievesims on June 25th, 2011 11:25 pm (UTC)
Why thank you. :)